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There Is More

We interrupt your regularly scheduled day, your regularly scheduled week, your regularly scheduled routine, your regularly scheduled life to bring you an important message – THERE IS MORE!

Just having celebrated the Easter/Resurrection Sunday and what that means, I took a moment to reflect. I heard someone (Pastor Michael Todd) say something that I found to be very profound. He said, “the resurrection is not an event but an interruption.” Now the way my brain works I needed to know more. I know this phrase or statement is speaking to me but what exactly is it saying. So, I took some time to meditate on it. And here’s what I came up with.

In the resurrection story, on the third day we find people going about their lives. Some were still a little dismayed over recent events, some were still hurting, while others continued life as it was. There were a few women who were concerned about the preservation of the master’s body, so they prepared oils and spices and took them to his tomb. Others were walking and talking about the recent events which happened. Suddenly Jesus appeared on the scene. The two individuals walking didn’t know it was Jesus as they were walking and entertaining a conversation with who they thought to be a stranger. Then there were the women at the tomb who thought they were talking to the gardener. No one realized it until later that he was no longer dead but risen. Although he tried to tell them during his three years on earth that there was more. I’m doing miracles now but there is more. I will be crucified and buried, but there is more. I will be resurrected after a few days, but there is more. I will ascend into heaven, but there is more.

Amid what you’re facing today, there is more. In the midst of a pandemic, confusion, uncertainty, a broken marriage, sickness in your body, sickness in your family, a hurting heart, a loss of job, and tons of other things, there is more. Yes, these things have caused some type of interruption to your regularly scheduled life, but there is more. There are more possibilities. There is more in you. There is more waiting for you on the other side of all these things. The resurrection is not a one-time event but a lifestyle. We live a resurrected life so we can experience the more in our lives – more strength, more love, more peace, more joy, more money, more healing, more forgiveness, etc.

Today is the day you pursue your more. Decide that you want more and go after it. Don’t settle for the status quo. Yes, chaos is all around you, but you don’t have to settle. Yes, your marriage appears to be dead but dead things can live again. Yes, your money is funny, and you don’t know how your bills will get paid, but the greater one is waiting to provide for you. Yes, your heart is hurting but he’s there to take the pain away. There is more fight in you. There is more strength in you. There are untapped potentials that you have yet to explore living on the inside of you. Don’t give up on your more. Go after it. Pursue it. It’s waiting on you!

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