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Dream Bigger

Are you a dreamer? I once dated a guy who told me he dreamed something every night. I was puzzled because rarely did I dream or if I did I sure didn't wake remembering the dream. Now because I am competitive, I was determined that I would not allow him to out-dream me, if there is such a thing...LOL. One night God said to me you don't have to be asleep to dream. You can dream with your eyes open. And as a matter of fact, you are not dreaming big enough. Just what you're thinking now is what I thought then. How is that possible?

A dream is a vision for your life. Sometimes we allow our own small thinking to stop us from living the big life God has intended us to live. The big life doesn't mean fancy cars or houses, even though there is nothing wrong with those things. The big life is more about the impact you are leaving on those you encounter daily. In order to dream bigger we must first get out of our own way. Sometimes throwing caution to the wind is needed. It takes courage to do things you've never done and go where you've never gone. Secondly, get rid of all the dead weight in your life. Those people who are consistently zapping your joy, peace, and energy. The ones you are always trying to get to see you. They may never see you for who you truly are, and that's okay. So stop trying to make them change their mind about you. It's their loss. Lastly, use what you got to start now. Write down everything you would do if there were no limitations, and if you had all the necessary money and resources. Look at the list and decide what can you do now, and start doing it. The key to making the dream a reality is to start now with what you have. Most people spend their life trying to get things together before they ever begin pursuing their dreams. Guess what? You will never have it all together. So what are you waiting on? There is a dream or two or three in you, and they are waiting to be unlocked.

“What would you do if there were no limitations on what you could be? ”

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