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Get Naked




11:30 AM

Join us for an extraordinary experience at the "Get Naked & Emerge Brunch and Symposium: Unveil Your Truth, Unleash Your Potential." This is not just any event, it is a remarkable opportunity for those who are ready to reveal their innermost selves, discover their true potential, and unlock a future full of infinite possibilities. Don't miss out on this empowering call to action!


Amid life's whirlwind, the "Get Naked & Emerge" symposium is a sanctuary of discovery and rebirth. Here, to 'get naked' is to courageously strip away not just the physical layers, but the internal barriers of fear, doubt, and societal constructs that cloud our true essence. It's a profound journey towards unveiling your unfiltered self, celebrating your unique story, and liberating the immense potential within.


Our upcoming symposium, "Get Naked & Emerge," promises to be a transformative event that will profoundly impact local communities by fostering personal growth, enhancing mental well-being, and strengthening social bonds. Through a series of expert-led panel conversations, inspiring talks, and community-building activities, we aim to empower individuals to embrace their vulnerabilities and discover their authentic selves, leading to increased life satisfaction and resilience.


This gathering holds special significance in addressing the critical needs of women who suffer from domestic abuse. Sadly, this issue affects 1 in 4 women at some point in their lives, according to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Our aim is to provide a safe space for these women to share their stories, connect with specialized support and resources, and empower them to heal and reclaim their lives.

The statistics speak for themselves: communities engaged in such initiatives experience notable improvements in mental health. There is a 12% reduction in the risk of early death and a significant decrease in depression and anxiety levels. Additionally, cities with active civic engagement see a rise in local GDP by 5-7%, highlighting the economic benefits of a mentally and emotionally healthy population. Our community-focused approach ensures that all participants, especially survivors of domestic abuse, leave equipped with the tools, connections, and confidence needed to inspire change and promote safety and well-being in their communities.

By sponsoring "Get Naked & Emerge," you're not just supporting an event; you're investing in community well-being, economic resilience, and the creation of a more inclusive society. Join us in making a lasting impact, where the benefits resonate far beyond the symposium, fostering a network of support and engagement that uplifts entire communities. Together, we can transform lives and cities, one story at a time.


From the first light of the symposium at our inspiring brunch, to the closing echoes of transformation, every moment is a step towards a more authentic you. We bring together a mosaic of voices – trailblazers, thinkers, dreamers – all united in the quest for authenticity. Through riveting talks, soul-stirring panel conversations, and heart-to-heart connections, you'll navigate the depths of self-reflection and emerge with a renewed sense of purpose and passion.


This is your invitation to an awakening. The "Get Naked & Emerge" experience is more than an opportunity for personal and professional growth; it's a revolution of the spirit. Here, in the embrace of a community that champions vulnerability as strength, you will find the courage to confront and cast off the shackles of conformity. In doing so, you will not only discover the essence of who you are but also gain the power to shape who you will become.


This event is not only power-packed with soul-stirring conversations but also community bonding and fun. From an amazing brunch to a dance party, you will leave refueled and revived.


Join us at the "Get Naked & Emerge Brunch and Symposium: Unveil Your Truth, Unleash Your Potential." It's time to embark on this life-altering journey, to dive deep into the waters of self-discovery, and to emerge not just enlightened but truly unstoppable. This is where your transformation begins, in a celebration of authenticity, in the company of those who have dared to dream and dared to be true.


Your path to self-discovery and unbridled potential awaits. Are you ready to answer the call?

Individual Tickets for $75


The goals of the "Get Naked & Emerge" symposium are focused on promoting personal growth, enhancing mental and emotional well-being, and fostering community connections. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the primary objectives and what participants can expect to gain from attending:

Promoting Personal Growth and Self-Discovery:

Participants will gain insights into their personal values, strengths, and vulnerabilities through introspective workshops and discussions, encouraging a deeper understanding of self and purpose.

Encouraging Vulnerability and Authenticity:

The symposium aims to create a safe and supportive environment where individuals can openly share their experiences and challenges, learning to embrace vulnerability as a strength. Attendees will be encouraged to explore their true selves and embrace vulnerability as a pathway to authenticity.

Enhancing Mental and Emotional Well-being:

With mindfulness, stress management, and emotional resilience sessions, attendees will acquire tools to improve their mental health and maintain emotional balance in their daily lives.

Support for Women Suffering Silently from Emotional & Domestic Abuse:

Provide a safe, supportive space for women to share their experiences and receive guidance on coping and healing from domestic abuse.

Building Stronger Community Ties:

Through networking events and group activities, the symposium seeks to cultivate a sense of belonging and community among participants, which can lead to ongoing support and collaboration.

Promoting Health and Wellness:

Workshops on topics like body positivity, healthy lifestyle choices, and physical wellness will equip attendees with knowledge and practices for maintaining physical health in alignment with mental and emotional well-being.

Inspiring Action and Change:

The event will feature motivational speakers and success stories that inspire participants to apply what they've learned and make impactful changes in their personal and professional lives.



Enhanced Self-Awareness: A deeper understanding of their personal values, strengths, and areas for growth.


Practical Tools for Well-being: Techniques for stress management, emotional regulation, and mindfulness that can be applied daily.

Increased Confidence: Through workshops and discussions on authenticity and vulnerability, attendees will likely leave feeling more empowered to show their true selves.


New Connections: Opportunities to meet like-minded individuals and professionals, which can lead to lasting friendships and valuable networking.

Healthier Lifestyle Motivation: Insights into maintaining physical health and embracing a positive body image.


Action Plans for Personal Development: Strategies and goals set during the symposium to continue personal development.


Butterfly Sponsor


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  • Eight (8) tickets to the VIP event entitled “Afternoon of Elevation”

  • Individual social media feature

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  • Reserved sponsor seating for eight (8) at the event

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  • One (1) ticket to the VIP event entitled “Afternoon of Elevation”



Tina is a transformative force, a luminary in personal and professional development. With over two decades of corporate experience, she is not only a coach but a catalyst for profound change. Tina embodies the role of a modern-day alchemist, turning potential into achievement and challenges into opportunities for growth. Her mantra, "GROWING FORWARD," encapsulates her approach to continuous evolution and empowerment, guiding individuals and teams alike through the paths of self-awareness and peak performance.

As a seasoned talent executive, coach, speaker, author, and visionary, Tina's ability to ignite transformative energy in her workshops is unparalleled.

She crafts experiences that transition her audience from comfort to extraordinary personal and professional heights, utilizing a unique blend of humor and incisive focus. Her workshops are not just learning events; they are transformative odysseys that equip participants with the necessary tools for immediate life elevation.

Tina is a valuable asset to a diverse audience, from emerging professionals to seasoned leaders. Her profound insights into team dynamics and learning development are exceptional. She has a unique gift for recognizing and refining the hidden potential in others, enabling them to align with their true callings and shine.

By partnering with Tina through your sponsorship support, you're investing in a partnership with a leader who not only foresees the trajectory of human potential but also actively shapes it. Her dedication to transforming lives and fostering an environment of growth and achievement creates lasting impact. She's an ideal candidate for organizations keen on making a significant mark in the realm of personal and professional development.


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